General Questions

Can I start my meal plan today?

We don’t have an on-demand meal service yet. Our chefs order and prepare all fresh ingredients for this meal plan in advance. Your meals will be available for pick up on the start date provided on the signup page. (Usually the following Monday)

How do I select my meals?

Once you sign up for a subscription, you can email to tell us your meal preference (chicken, beef or pork) or just pick up a variety of meals for the week. Let the staff know at the pickup hub if you’d like to skip a particular meal.

Can I get all my meals at once on Monday?

Right now our chefs split your weekly batch into 2 fresh batches a week, available starting every Monday and Thursday, so they can’t have all your meals done by Monday. Plus, this lets us make fresh batches for you and offer more variation!

Do you provide nutritional information?

Yes, you can view it on our menu

Do you customize individual meals?

Nope! Currently, our chefs create their own weekly menus without the option to customize individual meals. This allows us to offer home cooked-style meals at a very affordable price. Our customers also love convenient, low cost meals without the hassle of always deciding what to eat. We do however try to cater to people with allergies by limiting meals with dairy products and we always avoid nuts and shellfish.

Do you offer vegetarian?

Yep! Check out the signup page here.

Do you do dairy-free and gluten-free?

Most of our meals are dairy-free with the exception of mashed potatoes, which contains some cream. Gluten-Free specific meals is not something we currently focus on.

Can I get this for my office?

Yes! Visit our signup page, and let us know if you’d be paying on one account or multiple individual accounts delivered to one office. We send send all office orders in one delivery for $10 a delivery.

How long can I store my meals?

As our meals are prepared twice a week, all of our food are designed to be stored in your refrigerator for 3-4 days. We do not recommend storing your food for longer than 5 days.